Sunshine Ambassadors

Sunshine Ambassadors was started in Tennessee.  After seeing their performance at a Luke 14 event in Morristown, TN, we decided to bring the program to KY.  

Sunshine Ambassador's mission is to enrich the Lives of Individuals with Disabilities through Dance!

Sunshine Ambassadors uses knowledge of individuals with Disabilities and some of the mental and physical challenges that some students face. 

We use Choreography Techniques that keep in mind balance, focus, sensory, processing, cognitive, and other issues that may delay or hinder a student from regular dance class moves. 

Our Dance numbers are choreographed with additional time between movements. Movements are also adapted for those who have physical limitations, including those who use wheelchairs, braces, or gait trainers.

We use Teaching Techniques of modeling, repetition, verbal cues, and some hand over hand as needed.


Who Can Dance?


Sunshine Ambassadors is designed to serve non-typical students, all of our students have some sort of disability. Many have Down Syndrome, CP, Epilepsy, or Autism, just to name a few. We also allow peer helpers and siblings to dance along as desired.

For further information regarding Sunshine Ambassadors visit the following website:

or Contact 

Karen Rock at 270-766-9934

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