With the love and support of so many, these here are just a few of the dedicated hearts and working hands that make up our little family.

Gary Rock


"For 54 years I was able, but for the last six, I was disabled. From a disabled standpoint, I want people to treat us equal. My legacy of what I want to leave behind is for you to be able to see the love that I have shown that touched people's lives."

Howard Ragland

Vice President/Resource Officer

Britt Sherrard

Secretary/Treasurer/Media Tech

Britt also lives Larue County and has been a AACK member since 2018. She works with children with special needs and disabilities in 12 counties and currently works as a Developmental Interventionist for the Kentucky Early Intervention System (also known as "First Steps"). 

"I have come to realize that is my life's work to enrich the lives of others. It is my desire to embolden children's imaginations, empower their will with independence and provide families with education to improve their lives with a better understanding of how children function."


Phyllis Rock

Committee Member

Hello everyone! I'm Phyllis Rock and I live in Larue County. I've worked with Special needs children for over 15 years and my first husband was a disabled veteran. I dearly love to see everyone treated equally. God loves each and everyone of us.

"Do unto others as you would have them do to you." 

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